Insight Into The Real World

It is a most unusual book. Ray Taylor, a medium who served the spiritualist churches for some years, developed the ability to project his mind out of body and was able to visit the realms of spirit from which we have all come.

Through his experiences in the planes called ‘Home’ and discussions with his spirit tutor, he found himself in a position of being able to give answers to some of the most fundamental questions asked by mankind over the ages, such as: What are we? What is the purpose of life? Is there life after death? Is there a God?

In this book he has applied research techniques to investigate reincarnation, clairvoyance, spiritual healing and other psychic abilities.

He explains how spirits develop from their first beginnings until they are able to stand in full radiance and strength before the master creator – the one we call God. As part of this explanation he describes the structure and functions of the realms from which we have all come. This book is a spirit tutor’s guide to underlying reality.

The importance of meditation is investigated and simply explained to provide a way of reducing stress. Various meditation exercises are included in this book from beginner to advanced level to suit everyone.

Learn how to send healing to anyone through a simple technique called ‘Absent Healing’, and find out how to protect yourself if you come under psychic attack. The whole realm of paranormal disturbances is explored and explained.

Discover in reality, ‘The Truth’ is very simple – we are eternal beings; each one of us is here on earth to experience life in all its aspects and to develop a strong will. There is a deity, a supreme being, (religion has given its own name to the creative force: God, Allah, Yahweh for example) but the reality is that each one of us is an individualised part of that Great Mind. In consequence, we do not need intermediaries like religions to act on our behalf – individually we have the ability to communicate directly with our creator. Join with Ray Taylor to learn how simple it is to become the master of your reality!

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The Reality Of Spirit

Mankind has always instinctively felt that there had to be more to life than just this physical existence.

Religions which were mainly created to fill that gap in understanding have generally said that you must have faith.

However, we live in an age of scientific discoveries where the wonders of old are being explained in an understandable form. Although huge strides have been made in understanding the brain and how it retains memories and controls the physical body, despite all the scientists’ efforts there is still not any conclusive proof that consciousness survives the death of the body.

At the end of the Victorian period a group of people emerged who stated that they could communicate with the dead (they called themselves channels or mediums) and from that grew the spiritualist movement. However, their work was often derided because of the charlatans, who through parlour tricks, took advantage of those who were vulnerable and were searching for some form of relief from the grief that they were suffering as a result of the loss of a loved one.

Today there are many around the world who profess to be mediums, can communicate with the dead and give an understanding of what life is after death of the physical body. We are sure that many are genuine and are able to help people, but the level of the teaching of the hereafter, the purpose of life and whether there is a God or not can be very conflicting.

Amongst such mediums are those that are called deep trance mediums. These have the ability to leave their bodies and permit them to be used by spirits to give messages, teaching and even spiritual surgery.

Within the Glade Foundation we are fortunate enough to have Jonathan Freeman who is one of the rare breed who is able to leave his body with his consciousness intact and permit his body to be used by the spirit tutors to the Glade Foundation.

As a result the spiritual teaching given is always consistent and throughout has the added advantage of being logical, reasonable and simple to understand.

This book comprises a selection of the teachings given to the Glade Foundation by Spirit tutors speaking through Jonathan and is an introduction to the answers to questions that mankind has asked down the ages.

It is but a part of the knowledge that spirit has made available to the Glade Foundation and more advanced teachings are available to those who are searching for that greater understanding.

Get a copy of ‘The Reality Of Spirit’  price £ 5 plus £ 1.60 p&p
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There is no secret knowledge within the Glade Foundation which is not a religion or cult but is a spiritual healing/teaching Institute, and if you are interested in acquiring more advanced knowledge then please contact them through their website.

The following are talks given directly by spirit through the deep trance mediumship of internationally renowned Jonathan Freeman and are an indication of the teachings available to members of the Glade Foundation and are free to download:

– an explanation of what happens when we die

– an explanation as used by the Glade Foundation

– An answer to the often asked question and a way for you to get close to your pets