Certified Healing Course

PART 1: INTRODUCTION TO SPIRITUAL HEALING: definitions, purpose and advice for spiritual healing; a brief history of spiritual healing; can anyone be a healer?; qualities needed and requirements; what is the spirit; legal implications.

PART 2: SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT: Meditation; Relaxation and Visualisation; Protection; Allowing Spirit to draw near.

PART 3: HOW TO USE YOUR HANDS FOR HEALING: Put the patient at ease; An opening prayer, is it necessary? Linking with the Healer in Spirit; Positioning of your hands for various illnesses; Use of patients own hands for delicate problems; What to avoid; How to close down after healing for patient and for healer; Is a closing prayer necessary?
ANIMAL HEALING and MAGNETIC HEALING: What are they and do they work?
ABSENT OR DISTANT HEALING: Through prayer; Through projection; Through a charged object; Using a healing book; Group sitting.

PART 4: THE HUMAN BODY: Basic anatomy and functions of the body and a brief understanding of major illnesses (This is for reference purposes only and is not part of course work)

PART 5:  THE AURA: Its purpose and does healing affect the Aura?
VIBRATORY FIELDS OF: The Spirit; The Mind; The Physical Body.
How to negate bad vibrations and how to protect yourself from psychic attack.

PART 6: HEALING ETHICS: Relationship with patients; Accountability; Use of chaperones; Importance of Confidentiality; Conducting a healing clinic, Personal appearance; Record keeping; Fees for services; Legal expenses cover.

Government guidelines; Healer/patient relationship; Statement of good practice; Information and record keeping; Accountability; Qualifications; Use of chaperones; Insurance; Patients’ rights; Animal healing; Hospital visiting; Legal implications; Disciplinary rules; Breach of the code of conduct; Aspects of abuse.

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