Introductory Courses

AN INTRODUCTION: What we are and where we have come from; The purpose of life and what follows – there is life after death; There is a divine being and we are a part of that being

MEDITATION:  A demonstration of one of Glade’s meditations and an explanation of how it can be used to: control anxiety and worry, think without emotion, solve individual problems, identify with one’s own spiritual self, release stress and tension and be able to relax physically and mentally.

NATURAL HEALING: What is spiritual healing and can anyone become a natural healer?
Can anyone be healed? How you can develop into a healer and the qualities required; How healing takes place and various forms of healing such as animal, magnetic, distant and self.

INTUITIVE ABILITIES: The god seed is the centre of our being;  How to pray and the power of individual and collective prayer;  Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, how to develop those and your intuitive abilities and how developing these abilities can help others;  How to protect yourself whilst in development and working spiritually;  The dangers in using Ouija boards etc.

MEDITATION: An aid to develop any psychic abilities that you may have and how it may open your memory box; How to flare our individual light for protection; How to develop mind projection techniques; Methods and teachings other than visualisation exercises.

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES:  To include near death during operations, absent or distant healing, sleep state and the sudden awakening from sleep; Astral travel.

REINCARNATION: Why most have no conscious traces of our past lives except the occasional feeling of déjà vu; Why we reincarnate and the process of reincarnation; Karma – is it true or false? Can past lives regression resolve present problems?

EVOLVEMENT OF SPIRITS: Each of us is a part of the Great Mind as we are a seed of light drawn from the Pool of Life; How we are taught at ‘Home’ and why we must do everything and be everything to attain wisdom; Why it is necessary to develop will power, usually through pain, mental or physical.

THE TAPESTRY – THE BLUEPRINT OF LIFE: How and why we selected our tapestry and why it includes freedoms of choice; It is designed by the Great Mind and other very advanced spirits and the factors involved including flaws; An explanation as to why each life we take is completely separate from any other lives we may have had; The process at birth and how the physical self is affected by: genetics, parental upbringing, the environment in which you grow from birth, mental ability, physical infirmities and emotional responses.

THE GIFTS/FLAWS: What they are and how they affect us

THE CONTINUING EVOLVEMENT OF THE SPIRIT: Continuing progression through the seven planes of light and beyond; A description of the wilderness and the lower slopes.

THE AURA: Its purpose and when it appears, its form and colour changes due to the mind opening, progression, ill health etc., How the tapestry works through the aura; The individual light; How to read an aura and what happens to the aura at death.

THE VIBRATORY FIELDS: The three vibratory fields: physical, mental and spiritual and their influence on human behaviour; The effects music and colour have upon vibratory fields; Sensing atmospheres in rooms and how to negate bad vibrations.

Clairvoyance / clairaudience; Psychometry for solving crime and for archaeology; Speaking in tongues/ stages of trance mediumship; Healing and absent healing; Physical mediumship;  Dowsing and use of pendulums; Dangers including use of Ouija boards; Possession and demons; Hauntings and ghosts; Military intelligence and their use of psychic abilities.

WHAT HAPPENS AT DEATH OF THE BODY?: The process at death – the light at the end of the tunnel, the homecoming and the Halls of healing; the awakening and appraisal of life just ended – Who judges – so how good or bad was I?

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