Advanced Courses

THE FRAGMENTS (The very earliest beginnings as known to spirit)
The coming of the Great Mind and the taking of the light by the fragmentarians; The subsequent confrontation with evil, and banishment of the Lord Set to his own dimension; The reappearance of the Great Mind as seven aspects and the reshaping of the fragments into the  many levels of ‘Home’.

THE PLANES OF ‘HOME’: A description of the vastness of ‘Home’ including the seven levels of light and those beyond including the Akashic Records, Multilaria, etc.; The Dimensions are bigger and more involved than you can imagine as are the inhabitants that range from Djinns, Fairy folk, and others from ‘The Other Place’ to Angels and Arch Angels, and other entities Glade Teachers have encountered from good to bad and those in between.

THE CONTINUED EVOLVEMENT OF THE SPIRIT: The seventh plane ordeal to become an Ashento; Becoming a Crystala spirit – you have made it!

VARIOUS CIVILISATIONS: A time before dinosaurs and the first civilisation on earth, the second civilisation, the third civilisation, Atlantis, and Motherega; Ufos and alien civilisations; The end of this the fifth civilisation and the overall tapestry

POWER LINES AND HOW THEY ARE USED: Ley lines – their forming and purpose, the power of stone circles and standing stones; How energies influence human behaviour

HAUNTINGS AND EXORCISMS; What are ghosts, psychic imprints, poltergeist activity, elementals and thought forms, possessions and what can be done; Earth bound spirits and how they can be helped

EVIL AND THE EFFECTS UPON THIS WORLD: Where does it come from and why does the Great Mind allow it? The Lord Set and his dimension called De’ath, the inhabitants of the lower slopes and can they return to the light? How does evil work upon this world and what can we do to stop it?

MIND AND MIND HEALING (How it works and the technique involved)

PSYCHOSOMATIC ILLNESSES (The real/unreal illnesses)

COLOUR SPECTRUM HEALING: Light is the only energy that we can see, and we see it in the form of colour. Colour is the range of Vibrational energy to which human beings are most attuned and through which one may attain complete harmony. Glade Certified Healers use colour healing energies when appropriate.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION: Regression the Glade way. How past lives can affect this life; how to SAFELY take a group regression.

THE NEW ENERGIES: What they are and how they may be used.

CRYSTAL CHILDREN: How do we identify them, teach them, nurture them, and protect them and what is their importance to our world.

SPIRIT GUIDES: How to work with your spirit guides and how to get to know them; Will you always have the same guides? What might they look like, i.e. animals, angelic, other? How to help Glade students find their spirit guides.

THE NATURE OF HUMANITY: Is mankind doomed to self-destruct? Earlier civilisations have imploded can we avoid repeating history?
An investigation into: Our true identity and that we are responsible for our thoughts, actions and decisions we make; Each life is important and is part of the ‘overall tapestry’; The importance of prayer – talk to God direct and understand we are all one; Respect for our planet and nature – living in harmony; The establishment of Glade centres and sanctuaries.

A meditation to visit this separate dimension at ‘Home’, which is the home of the Glade Foundation. A look at the enormous scope of the work that is carried out there and the importance of its work upon the Earth in the form of Glade centres and the need for them.

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